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The Lively Run Goat Dairy annually produces 40,000 pounds of goat cheese from the milk of 300 goats from five herds in the Finger Lakes region. We milk twice a day and make hand-made cheese two-to-four times a week within a few days of milking, for fresh-tasting, high quality goat cheese. Our French-styled cheese recipes are developed, made and aged according to the artisanal method: in small batches, by hand. These delicious cheeses contain no preservatives, no food colorings, no artificial additives of any kind, and we use only vegetable rennet. With a process rooted in tradition and affection for the goats we raise, Lively Run Goat Dairy makes delicious and superior cheeses that have become a staple in the kitchens and on the plates of the Finger Lakes region and beyond.


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    Finger Lakes Gold
    A hard cheese made from pasteurized goat’s milk. Aged for at least three months, it is characterized by a beautiful yellow-gold rind and a white, firm but creamy paste. Finger Lakes Gold is both milky and nutty, a mellow cheese.
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